Mexico’s automotive industry is mature, dynamic and in continuous growth. In 2011, Mexico’s Automotive industry showed clear signs of recovery; light vehicle production reached a new historical record with 2.55 million vehicles.
At a global level, Mexico ranked as eighth producer of light vehicles. In two years, Mexico climbed two positions, surpassing French and Spanish production.
Currently, the automotive sector accounts for 4% of the national GDP and 20% of manufacturing production. The Mexican automotive industry is expected to continue increasing in the future. The forecasts indicate production will reach 3.7 million units by 2015.
Companies in the light vehicle industry have a total of 18 production complexes located in 11 states of Mexico, where they perform activities that range from assembly and armoring, to casting and stamping of vehicles and engines. Currently, more than 48 car and light truck models are produced in Mexico.

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